Inspired by my sweet beautiful rainbow daughter "Ayda Melody"

I live in Melbourne, Australia and am an extremely blessed mama to two gorgeous boys aged 4 & 3, a very sweet beautiful rainbow baby girl "Ayda Melody" born January 2015 and 4 angel babies. Having lost a baby girl to stillbirth in 2013, I was extremely stressed and fearful when I became pregnant again in 2014 with Ayda. From the age of 7, my mum had taught me how to crochet and so I began crocheting again to keep calm, distracted and to give me hope that I will have a beautiful baby girl to look forward to. It was so rewarding and joyful each time I created a new piece and my friends kept encouraging me to open up an Etsy store to sell my crochet work. Once my adorable Ayda was born, I had booked in to have newborn images taken of her and I thought it would be nice to personalise the photo shoot by using my own crochet items and photography props I had created. After seeing the images, I realised how beautiful they looked and how wonderful it would be to create these cute outfits and photo props for babies worldwide. So I was inspired by my daughter and came up with the business name "Sweet Little Melody" and set up this Etsy site.
I am so thrilled and excited to be able to share my work with the world! I put so much love and care into my work and I know this love will be felt by the baby who wears my items. Each baby is a precious miracle and should be celebrated with absolute joy and I hope that is how you will feel when you own my beautiful creations.

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